laminated paper bags

Laminated Paper Bags

The  bags that we call as "laminated paper bags" are the paper bags with glossy or matt lamination, and in order to get quality effect,so those laminated paper bags are made from super fine coated paper such as art paper and card paper.With lamination, laminated paper bags have elegant looking,silk feeling,durable construction.And it is easy to create unique and distinctive laminated paper bags with wide variety of handle and finishes to meet customer's demand at high end packaging.As laminated paper bags manufacturer, Shopping Bag Mall specialize in manufacturing quality laminated paper bags coming in following specification:
  • made of quality coated paper including art paper,card paper´╝îpaper weight range from 157g,170g,190g,200g,210g,230g,250g,300g,popular paper is 170g art paper,190g card paper,200g art paper
  • glossy lamination,matt lamination
  • custom made, any size and shape is available
  • offset printing can print any color on laminated paper bags for branding and marketing,no limit of printing area
  • hot stamping.embossing,uv spot varnish,interior printing,eyelets are available
  • short run is available
printing for laminated paper bags
  • huge selection of handles including pp rope handle,cotton rope handle,die cut handle,ribbon handle,plastic handle,twisted paper handle and more
handle options for laminated paper bags
  • hot stamping.embossing,uv spot varnish,interior printing,eyelets,embossing pattern are available to print and highlight brand,accent pattern.
print finish for laminated paper bags
  • short run is available. no minimum order quantity.

Laminated Paper Bags With Printed Logo

  • we offer following paper--157g art paper,170g art paper,200g art paper,230g art paper,190g card paper,210g card paper for your choice to build strong bags.
  • all bags have turn top and are reinforced by strong paper board at turn top and bottom of bag.
  • Custom made,we make bespoke laminated paper bags coming in any size and shape to meet your end exactly
  • we can print any color of your logo,brand on laminated paper bags,100% ink coverage is available
  • we offer free design service
  • short run is available,if you just need 200 pcs A4 size laminated paper bags for business event,we can make them for you quickly at great cheap price.
laminated paper bags with printed logo
laminated paper carrier bags with printed logo
laminated paper bags with printed logo
laminated paper bags with printed logo

Laminated Paper Bags With Full Color Custom Printing

Laminated Paper Bags are an excellent advertising media for a wide range of companies and retail outlets, seeking to enhance brand image, style and dissemination. Shopping Bag Mall specialize in manufacturing quality laminated paper bags with cmyk full color custom printing to display customer's fine design art work perfectly to present business the best,specification is in the below
  • made of super fine art paper and card paper
  • wide range of paper weight to suit different end,popular paper is 170g art paper,200g art paper,190g card paper,210g card paper
  • custom made,any size is available.We also offer wide range of standard sizes to fit your ends.
  • handle options included rope handle,ribbon handle,die cut handle.And rope handle and ribbon handle are available in any color to fit on printed laminated paper bags to create distinctive looking
  • glossy or matt lamination offer silk feeling as well as durable strength for long lasting
  • offset printing to print cmyk full color,great for photographic design art work,no limit of printing area
  • no minimum run limit.Even if you just need 150 pcs full color printed laminated paper bags, we can produce them for you
printed laminated paper bags
laminated paper bags with full color printing
laminated paper bags with custom printing
glossy laminated paper bags with full color printing

Laminated Paper Bags With Hot Stamping Logo

Hot stamping is a dry printing process. In hot stamping a metallic or color pigment is transferred from a roll of foil to laminated paper by way of heat and pressure. The heat and pressure releases the pigment to the laminated paper to form a permanent bond with the laminated paper. Wide range of colors are available for foils of decoration technique with combination of textures including; gloss, shimmer, matte and complex hologram.In fact hot stamping is easy  way to get laminated paper bags with custom logo to stand out from crowd.
  • heavyweight paper can build strong construction,great effect of embossing,quality feel.You can choose art paper or card paper to build luxury paper bags, popular paper weight included 200g art paper,210g card paper
  • there are so many foil color options to match your brand
  • no limit of hot stamping area,we can do hot stamping logo at any size
  • satin ribbon handle,grosgrain ribbon handle can come in any color to match bag or logo
  • die cut handle is available in any shape
  • short run is available.
laminated paper bags with hot stamping logo
laminated paper bags with hot stamping logo
laminated paper bags with hot stamping and embossing logo
laminated paper bags with hot stamping logo

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