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Shopping Bag Mall is manufacturer of paper bags,gift boxes,rigid boxes,foldable boxes. Shopping Bag Mall specialize in manufacturing custom printed paper bags, euro tote bags,kraft paper bags, all paper bags can be customized coming in any size,color and shape. Shopping Bag Mall also manufacture and wholesale gift boxes,foldable gift boxes,luxury gift boxes,custom rigid boxes,custom foldable boxes.

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Shopping Bag Mall specialize in manufacturing and wholesale custom paper bags,euro tote bags,kraft paper bags,rigid boxes,foldable boxes and foldable gift boxes.

plain recycled kraft gift boxes with nested sizes from Shopping Bag Mall

plain recycled kraft gift boxes with nested sizes from Shopping Bag Mall

As gift boxes manufacturer, Shopping Bag Mall wholesale wide range of kraft gift boxes. Kraft gift boxes at Shopping Bag Mall are made of recycled material with strong construction, and boxes are wrapped by different kraft paper to offer strong and eco friendly methods to package high value products and gift items

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Custom Rigid Boxes

Rigid Boxes (also called “Set-Up Boxes”) are a very common type of packaging and they are often associated with luxury products. Rigid boxes are typically four times thicker than an average folding carton and are not usually printed on directly. They are instead wrapped with paper that can be as plain or luxurious as desired.
Rigid boxes, as the name suggests, are rigid and sturdy. Think of the classic “Shoe Box”. If you’ve ever purchased a nice pair of shoes or heels, they will have been packaged in a rigid box. Board games are another classic example of rigid box packaging.  iPhones and other high-end electronics use rigid boxes, as do many beauty and high-end food products and spirits, just to name a few.
The strength of rigid boxes is depended by thickness of paper board
The looking of rigid boxes is depended by wrapped paper.

As gift boxes manufacturer, Shopping Bag Mall offer wide range of paper board and wrapped paper to build strong,personalized rigid boxes.
Most of the processes are either done by machine or hand or various combinations of the two, depending on the quantity and specification of order.

Rigid boxes start out as sheets of what is called paper board (or greyboard or plainboard) which is like the color of newspaper (there is also an option for colored chipboard that will give color to the inside of the box). Cutting and scoring dies are used to cut the chipboard to its correct shape and size, while the sides of the box are scored (not cut all the way through to facilitate folding).
The box sides are folded up at the score areas to complete the box form. Tape is then applied to secure or “stay” the sides using a machine called a quad stayer.
The wrap is prepared by having it printed-on (if desired) then trimmed or “mitred” to perfectly fit the box. The box is then placed on the wrap where glue is used to adhere the two together.

Wraps can be all types of paper or fabrics with a staggering array of textures and colors and finishes (i.e. high gloss or matte) including embossing, foil stamping and flocking (adding sparkles). For a look at different kinds of custom box embellishments click here.
The wraps can also be either tightly or loosely wrapped around the box. Traditionally, when rigid boxes were all hand-made, the wraps were always loosely wrapped. Now the norm is to wrap the box tightly. People can still usually opt to have their rigid boxes with loose wrap; it gives the box an air of being hand-made and therefore more expensive and luxurious.

At Shopping Bag Mall, custom rigid boxes can come in any styles to fit any end.

Rigid Box Styles
Rigid boxes consist of basically two parts – a lid and base (or top and bottom). The shapes and sizes of rigid boxes vary greatly – square, rectangular, circular, triangular, V-shaped etc. But in the packaging industry rigid box styles are usually categorized and described by the type of lid used.
And, as with a lot of things regarding the packaging industry, these boxes come in all sorts of variations and hybridizations where names become interchangeable depending on the manufacturer.
“Telescope Lids” – Rigid Boxes With Full Depth Lid
Telescope lids have a lid that covers either the entire base, called a Full Telescope, or just part of the base, called a Partial Telescope.
A Full Telescope lid, like on chocolate or candy boxes, have a lid that covers the entire base of the box. This particular example has “thumb cuts” to make opening the box easier.
Partial Telescope (also called Partial Cover) rigid boxes are exactly what you’d expect, the lid only partially covers the base.
The Classic Shoebox mentioned earlier is a style of lid that has a lip that is, traditionally, 1 inch deep.
Don’t let the name of this rigid box style influence you, the classic shoebox style doesn’t have to be used for just shoes.
This next example is a full telescope style (because the lid completely encompasses the base or bottom of the box) known as a Tray with Sleeve or Slipcase or Shell and Slide–drawer boxes
The next example is a type of partial telescope box called a Neck Box or Shouldered Box or Shoulder Box. A tray is glued inside the base and protrudes up past the top of the base. This protrusion creates a “neck” and the top edge of the base becomes the “shoulder”. Sometimes the tray that creates the neck is glued to the inside of the lid instead of the base. The box still functions in the same way, however.
Sometimes the “neck” is made extra long and it protrudes past the lip of the base so much so that it creates a gap between the lid and the base. This is done mostly for esthetic reasons.
“Hinged Lids” – Rigid Boxes With Hinged Lid 
This is where the rigid box lid is attached permanently and stays closed using gravitational forces (free of cost) or with a magnetic strip or a ribbon binding (costs a little extra). These boxes are great for frequent-use products that are meant to be stored in their packaging in-between uses.
There are many different styles of hinged lid rigid boxes. And here are some popular styles.
Flip Top or Cigar Box is a classic and versatile style of rigid box. Traditionally it has been used for high-end cigars, but can, and is, used for almost anything.
Here is a variation of the Flip Top or Cigar Box – The Book Style rigid box, when closed, resembles a hard cover book. This style is commonly used to package everything from luxury food items to clothes to beauty products and consumer electronics.
Clamshell Style is found in many other types of packaging, not just rigid boxes. Corrugated packaging as well as folding cartons and thermoform / blister packaging utilize this style.
As mentioned previously, the rigid box has so many variations that it would be nearly impossible to list them all; add on top of the that a plethora of possible extras such as platforms, compartments, magnetic closures, windows, ribbon pulls, handles, etc. But the above examples should give you an idea of the common fundamental styles.
Rigid Box packaging is not simply about luxury.  It can (and should) be considered in lieu of a folding carton when protection and durability during transport and the often rough retail environment are major factors. In addition, in the consumer’s home, where repeated use and storage of the product in the box is an asset, rigid boxes will add value for your customers.
Buyers Guide For Rigid Boxes For E-Commerce And Subscription Applications
They are known by many names including rigid wall boxes, set up boxes, two piece boxes, and even telescoping boxes. They are made of paperboard, not corrugated board, and have been used in the candy, greeting card, and board game industries for decades.

They are gaining in popularity for subscription applications as companies work to deliver value to their customers while creating a permanent or long-term brand presence. These are not shipping boxes, which in most cases are quickly discarded soon after they arrive. Rigid boxes tend to be kept and reused or repurposed. This makes them a greener option but it also means your brand lives on and the box serves as a constant reminder of the company that sent it.

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Twisted Handle White Kraft Bags With CMYK Full Color Printing From Shopping Bag Mall

This is twisted handle white kraft bag, this bag is made of 100g white kraft paper, with cmyk full color custom printing, glued with twisted handle.

Paper bags are great as shopping bags, because paper bags are versatile enough to fit any end and occasion. If you want luxurious and premium shopping bags, you can choose laminated euro tote bags. Those euro tote bags have strong construction and elegant looking, with custom printing, euro tote bags can meet your demand at luxurious retail packaging.

When you are looking for eco friendly shopping bags, kraft paper bags are perfect choice.

In fact kraft paper bags have so many styles,they are made of different kraft paper, so we also can call them as brown kraft bags,white kraft bags and recycled kraft bags. Those kraft bags can come in popular styles such as twisted handle kraft bags,flat handle kraft bags,rope handle kraft bags.

And now twisted handle kraft bags have become high street shopping bags, you can find them everywhere when you shopping–fashion shop, gift store,department,spa,restaurant.

The characteristic of twisted handle kraft bags is that twisted handle kraft bags are 100% recyclable and biodegradable,it is the reason why twisted handle kraft bags are used as eco friendly shopping bags. Another characteristic of twisted handle kraft paper bags is that twisted handle kraft bags are cheap,Because those bags are made of 80g,or 100g kraft paper and glued with twisted handle,the cost to build twisted handle kraft bags is lower than other shopping bags, it is the reason why twisted handle kraft bags also can be used as economic shopping bags.

Usually twisted handle kraft paper bags can come in below specification:

1 kraft paper : white kraft paper,brown kraft paper,recycled kraft paper


2 twisted handle–made of recycled kraft paper, any color is available

3 printing–spot pantone color,solid pantone color,cmyk full color,100% ink coverage is available

4 print finish-hot stamping,embossing,spot uv

5 size: custom made is available,coming in any size and shape

Where to buy custom printed twisted handle kraft bags with cheap price?

Shopping Bag Mall is reputable manufacturer of paper bags,Shopping Bag Mall specialize in manufacturing and wholesale custom printed twisted handle kraft bags,twisted handle kraft shopping bags.

Shopping Bag Mall  offer professional design service to help customers make art work first, then choose right material to print and build kraft bags,and finish twisted handle kraft bags by machine and hand to suit different order quantity, it means whether you need 100,000 pcs or 250 pcs custom printed twisted handle kraft bags, Shopping Bag Mall can manufacture them quickly with cheap pricing.

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Shopping Bag Mall Wholesale luxury Gift Boxes

Gift boxes are great as colorful,stylish and functional packaging boxes and presentation boxes. Gift boxes have so many variety, when you are looking for premium and upscale packaging boxes and gift boxes,luxury gift boxes are the best choice.

Luxury gift boxes have so many characteristics that are the reason why we suggest you to choose them to package high value products and gift items.

luxury gift boxes have very strong construction. All luxury gift boxes are made of heavyweight paper board to build very strong construction, and strong boxes will add more quality feeling and offer good packaging protection

luxury gift boxes have elegant and luxurious looking and feeling, because as rigid boxes,luxury gift boxes can be wrapped by different paper such as texture paper,printed paper,kraft paper,foil paper,special paper to offer personalized surface looking and add more luxurious feeling.

luxury gift boxes are flexible to come in any size,color and shape to fit different ends and occasion. For example you can find luxury gift boxes coming in round shape,square shape,rectangle shape,oval shape,hexagon shape,heart shape and more

As gift boxes manufacturer,Shopping Bag Mall specialize in manufacturing and wholesale luxury gift boxes.

At Shopping Bag Mall, it is easy for you to choose rigid luxury gift boxes to meet your demand

1 Black color luxury gift boxes

those are black color luxury gift boxes, those luxury gift boxes are made of heavyweight paper board,covered boxes by texture paper with embossing pattern.

2 Luxury Gift Boxes With Neck Style

This is black color luxury gift box with neck style.This box is made of heavyweight paper board to build very strong construction, so box looks sturdy to add quality feeling. This box is wrapped by black paper with pattern on top lid

3 Luxury Gift Boxes With Window on Lid

Those luxury gift boxes are made of heavyweight paper board,and wrapped by printing paper with matt lamination, feature with clear window on top lid of boxes.

4 Glittery Luxury Gift Boxes

Those luxury gift boxes have glittery finishes, looking shinny,great as personalized gift boxes,presentation boxes.

5 Luxury Gift Boxes With Hologram Finishes

Those luxury gift boxes have hologram finishes, looking very shinny,funny and elegant, great as upscale packaging boxes.

6 Heart Shape Luxury Gift Boxes

Those gift boxes have heart shape, great for special events,those heart shape gift boxes come in 4 colors with 3 sizes

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Shopping Bag Mall Wholesale Foldable Gift Boxes

Gift boxes are great as packaging boxes for products and gift items. Gift boxes can protect what inside packaged, and add some value into inside packaged. If you choose rigid gift boxes to package your gift, recipient will consider it should be high value gift. Because rigid gift boxes look more quality and luxurious, rigid gift boxes can add more value and quality confidence into inside items.

Gift boxes have so many variety, including pop up folding gift boxes, e flute corrugated gift boxes,rigid gift boxes and  more. if you need luxury gift boxes,rigid box is the best choice. But if you have retail shop and want gift boxes to package your products of gift items, if you choose rigid gift boxes,you will need enough space to store. So how to get a luxury gift box with elegant looking and small storage space? Foldable gift boxes are the best alternative.

Foldable gift boxes are made of heavyweight paper board as boxes tray,then wrap boxes by various paper with different finishes to offer elegant,class and luxurious surface of boxes,importantly foldable boxes have collapsible construction, they have die cut folding line at corners or sideway of boxes that can make box flat and help to assemble into rigid gift box quickly and easily when use. The advantage of foldable gift boxes is that foldable gift boxes offer luxurious way to package products and gift items as well as save space and freight.

Where to buy foldable gift boxes with wholesale pricing?

Shopping Bag Mall is manufacturer of gift boxes and packaging boxes, Shopping Bag Mall design,manufacture and wholesale wide range of foldable gift boxes coming in so many sizes,colors with magnetic or ribbon closure.

And Shopping Bag Mall can print custom logo on foldable gift boxes by offset printing,hot stamping,embossing without run limit.

Detail please go www.shoppingbagswholesale.com

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